Lesson 5: The Tower of Babel

Soon the earth was full of people again. Everyone used the same language to talk. The people said, “Let’s build a city with a tall tower to show how wonderful we are.” These proud people thought they were greater than God.

God was not happy. So He confused their language. The people stopped building the tower and scattered to every land. And the city was named Babel, which means “confusion.”

From then on, people lived in different lands, each group speaking their own language.

  1. Why was God not happy with the people who built the Tower of Babel?
  2. Why did God confuse their language?


soon ཡུན་རིང་མ་སོང་བར་
not long after
language n. སྐད་རིགས་ 语言
build v. བསྐྲུན་
city n. གྲོང་ཁྱེར་
tall tower adj., n. ཐོག་བརྩེགས་ཅན་གྱི་ཁང་པ་
wonderful adj. རླབས་ཆེན་པོ་
proud people adj., n. རང་རློམ་ཆེ་བའི་མི་
than ལས་
changed from “greater than God”
comparative particle: “than”
confused their language སྐད་རིགས་ལ་འགྱུར་ལྡོག་བྱས་པ་ 人们的语言变乱了
stopped v. (p) མཚམས་བཞག་ 停止
scattered v. (p) ཁ་འཐོར་དུ་ 分散
confusion རྙོག་འཛིང་ 混乱
lived v. བསྡད་པ་
different lands adj., n. ས་གནས་སོ་སོ་ 不同的地方

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