Lesson 11: Jacob’s Fight at Night

Many years passed before Jacob went back home. God had blessed him with great wealth, he was married and had many children. While on his way, he received news that Esau was nearby. Hearing that Esau had an army of men, Jacob feared for his family’s safety.

Jacob prayed, “Lord, You said You would watch over me!
I am afraid Esau will kill us! Please, protect us.”
Jacob prepared big herds of animals as a special gift for Esau.
Jacob thought, “Hopefully Esau will forgive me when he sees this gift.”

That night, Jacob prayed again. A man wrestled with him until morning. Jacob’s leg was hurt, but he would not stop struggling.
“I will not let go of you until you have blessed me,” said Jacob.
The man said, “Your name will be changed from Jacob to Israel. For you have wrestled with God and won the victory!”

Later, Jacob and Esau met. Jacob bowed low before Esau. Esau had forgiven his brother. He ran to Jacob and kissed him. The brothers cried for they were happy to see each other.

  1. Who did Jacob wrestle with?
  2. Why did Jacob’s name change to Israel?


many years passed ལོ་མང་པོ་སོང་རྗེས་ 过了许多年后
great wealth adj., n.  རྒྱུ་ནོར་ཧ་ཅང་མང་པོ་ 丰厚的财富
married adj. གཉེན་སྒྲིག་བྱས་ 结了婚
many children བུ་ཕྲུག་མང་པོ་ 许多儿女
army of men མི་དང་རྟ་མང་པོ་ཡོད་པ་ many men and horses 大群人马
safety བདེ་འཇགས་ 过会看顾
watch over v.  སྲུང་སྐྱོབ་གནང་ 保护
afraid adj.  དངངས་སྐྲག་ཆེན་པོ་
kill us v., pron. ང་ཚོ་གསོད་ཡོང་ 会杀害
prepared v. (p) གྲ་སྒྲིག་བྱས་ 预备了
herds of animals n. ཕྱུགས་ཟོག་མང་པོ་ 无数牲畜
special gift adj., n. དམིགས་བསལ་གྱི་སྐྱེས་འབུལ་ 特别的礼物
forgive v.  བཟོད་གསོལ་བྱེད་ 原谅
that night n.  ཉིན་དེའི་དགོང་མོ་ 当天晚上
prayed v. (p) གསོལ་བ་བཏབ་ 祷告
wrestled v. (p) ཤེད་རྩལ་འགྲན་ 摔跤一直
leg n.  རྐང་པ་
hurt v.  འཆུས་ to get twisted
struggling adj.  འཐབ་འཛིང་བྱས་
not let go འགྲོ་མི་འཇུག་
won the victory v. (p), n.  རྣམ་པ་རྒྱལ་
met v. (p) ངོས་མཇལ་བྱུང་ 见到
bowed low v. (p), adj. མགོ་བོ་བསྒུར་ 俯伏下拜
kissed v. (p) འགྲམ་པ་སྦྱར་ 亲吻
cried v. (p) མིག་ནས་མཆི་མ་ལྷུང་ 哭了

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