Lesson 10: Jacob’s dream

Esau hated Jacob for stealing his blessing. Rebekah warned Jacob, “You must leave this place before Esau tries to kill you. Go to your grandfather’s home for a while.” Jacob set out on the long journey. One night, he used a stone for a pillow and fell asleep. In a dream he saw angels climbing up and down a ladder to heaven. God was standing above the ladder. He said, “I will give you the land where you are sleeping. And I will protect you everywhere you go.”

When Jacob woke up he said, “Surely the Lord is in this place.”
He named the place Bethel, which means, “House of God.”

  1. Why did Jacob have to leave his home?
  2. What did God say to Jacob in the dream?


dream n.  རྨི་ལམ་
stealing v.  གཡོ་ལེན་བྱས་ take by deceit 骗走了
blessing n.  བྱིན་རླབས་ 祝福
grandfather n.  སྤོ་བོ་ 外祖父
set out འགོ་བཙུགས་ to start, begin 便开始了
long journey adj., n.  ཐག་རིང་གི་རྒྱང་སྐྱོད་ 那漫长的旅程
stone n.  རྡོ་ 石头
sleep v.  ཉལ་ 便睡
climbing up and down ཡར་འགྲོ་མར་བབ་ 上下来往
ladder n.  སྐས་ 梯子
above རྩེ་མོ་ལ་ 梯顶
protect v. སྲུང་སྐྱོབ་བྱེད་ 保护
everywhere you go ཁྱོད་གང་དུ་སོང་ན་ 无论你往哪里去
surely དངོས་གནས་ 果然
Bethel པེ་ཐེལ་ 伯特利
House of God དཀོན་མཆོག་གི་བཞུགས་གནས་ 上帝的殿

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