The Compass

Five friends went to hike in the mountains in a place they had never visited before. They all loved the mountains and they were so happy to be able to go on the trip together. The weather was beautiful and the five friends were so eager to explore and to walk in the beautiful nature. In the evening they were tired and found a cave where they could sleep. The next day when they woke up, everything looked different. It had been snowing during the night, and the sky was not blue and sunny, but it was grey and dark.

The day before everything looked so clear, and nobody really payed attention to the direction they were going. The friends were sure they would recognise the path and get back to their car again. But with the snow everything looked so different. They started talking about how to get back. The first person started walking in one direction, but the others said, “wait, that is not where we came from”! Each one of the friends had a different opinion about which direction they should go.

Suddenly one of the friends remembered that he had a compass in his pocket. A compass is a tool or a kind of instrument that can show you the direction: where north and south and east and west is. The friends all looked at the compass and found out where to go, and they made it back to the place where they had parked the car, and could get back to their homes without getting lost again.

In the same way the Bible is like a compass in our lives. Many people may all have a suggestion of which way to go, how to live our lives and what is right and wrong.

But the Bible gives us direction and gives us the answers to our questions about life. It helps us to know what is right and wrong, it helps us to understand where we came from and where we are going. The Bible also shows us how to get free from our sin.

Have you ever felt that you lost your way? Have you ever wished you had a compass, and instrument that would help you make the right decisions about your life?

In the following weeks we will keep exploring short verses or stories from the Bible that will help us get answers to these questions.

One short part of the Bible says:

“Your word (the Bible) is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

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