On The Way

Life is like a journey. Sometimes the journey is smooth and it is clear where we are going. Other times life is like walking in the fog, and we are not sure where we are headed. All people can relate to this.

No matter where you are in life, there will be things for you to discover, to learn, to explore. Are you a business person, a parent, a student or a teacher, or something different? This website is for you!

We invite you to look around on this website and find out what is helpful for you. Our hope is that the content here will be like a refreshment on the journey – satisfying your hunger and giving you inspiration for your life.

On this site we will explore what it means to be “on the way”, and what it means to find rest for our weary souls. This is a place to find help in times of need and find hope in the face of hopelessness. Everything written on this site is based on the teachings of the Bible.

We welcome you to look around the website. We hope that this will be refreshing and life-giving to you as you explore and read what we post here.

From your fellow travellers – on the way!

Who is God

God exists! He is the Almighty God. He is the Creator of heaven and earth. God is the Lord of both the spiritual and of the physical world. We wants people of all ethnic groups and nations to know Him and learn about Him. On this site you will be able to find out more about who God is.

The Bible

The Bible is a book. But this book is different to any other book in the world. The Bible brings life since it is inspired by the God of the Universe. God wants to communicate with people all over the world. By reading this book we ind answers to all of life’s complex questions. We also find wisdom about how to live our lives, and we get to know who God is.

The Bible was written over a span of around 1,500 years, and it was written by many different people. Some were fishermen, somewhere scholars and prophets, and some were shepherds. The Bible contains 66 different books. The history described in the Bible mainly took place in a country called israel. The whole Bible has been translated into almost 700 different languages of the world.

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